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420 Med Evaluations Sacramento Strains To Help Sleep

adminfu 12/Dec/2019

420 Med Evaluations Sacramento Strains To Help Sleep

Tossing and turning all night can be quite detrimental to your productivity in the morning. The world is continually moving, and sleep a commodity that needs to be fulfilled for you to function at your level best. 420 Med Evaluations Sacramento are here to help you solve all your sleep problems. 

A lack of sleep over a period of time can lead to numerous health issues that can, as a collective contribution to both declining metal as well as physical health. 

Enter Cannabis. An effective sleep aid to people suffering from various sleep disorders like insomnia. It works in an effective manner by helping the muscles relax and slow down your thoughts as well as help ease pain.

The beauty of the booming medical cannabis industry is that there are so many strains in the market that one may feel a little overwhelmed.

Some strains are great for an energetic workday, whereas others contribute to a sound sleep. Knowing which one will aid you to sleep will make the trip to the dispensary a pleasant one.

Your safest bet while picking up a strain for sleeping is an Indica-dominant strain with a high THC content.

But be careful as one of the leading side effects of THC is the increase of anxiety in people. So, if you’re particularly sensitive to THC go for a slightly lower count

Another word of advice will be if you want to sleep longer, go for an edible as they stay in your system longer.

Now, moving to the main attraction of this blog. 

strains to help you sleep

Strains To Help You Sleep 

Granddaddy Purple

This beautiful strain with streaks of purple in full bloom is a tried and tested strain for insomniacs all around the world.   

It is reasonably easy to find and identify. It also contains the terpene myrcene, which has a history of having relaxing effects of its own.

Sweet & Sour Widow 

Now, this is the strain to go to if you are particularly prone to anxiety attacks on THC. This is a balanced CBD strain that helps you keep your paranoia at bay while managing to make you drowsy.

This is one of those rare strains that are heavy-handed while uplifting the same time. 

Northern Lights 

Named after the natural phenomenon of green lights dancing in the sky while it is cold around, it is an old school strain. Created in the 1980s, it has been ever since making people drowsy while administering THC levels strong enough to erase any sign of pain and insomnia.


Just like its name, ogre ensures that insomnia doesn’t stand a  chance again. With a sweet citrus flavour, you will still be marvelling at the taste while the sedative effects kick in, giving you a numbing body high.


This is the only THC devoid strain on the list, and it is for those of you who aren’t big fans of getting high. This strain removes all those issues and instead focuses on the causes of insomnia.

Just like all CBD heavy strains, this one also helps relieve pain, anxiety, stress, or anything else that fuels insomnia.

Insomnia affects 1 in 4 people in the US alone; in such a case, any 420 Med Evaluations Sacramento will tell you to try cannabis at least once.

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