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5 Essential Tools That Every Cannabis Grower Should Have


adminfu 11/Nov/2020

5 Essential Tools That Every Cannabis Grower Should Have

If you have been growing cannabis for a while and want to transform yourself into a master grower, you need to have some important tools. Every grower has a set of tools in his arsenal that guides their growing process. Well, if you want better results, you need an upgrade. Before we discuss that, make sure you have a medical marijuana growers license that gives you the legal right to grow freely. Now, getting back to tools, there are a handful of them that can ensure the success of your crop. Let’s have a look at them.

pH Meter

There are various ways to measure the pH of the nutrient solution. One of them is by using pH meters that are relatively easy to use and inexpensive. Another option you have is using a vial of litmus fluid that can test the pH of the solution. All you need to do is take a few drops of nutrient solution and put it in the vial. Now, shake it thoroughly and you’ll see the color of the solution will change. You can compare this color to the gauge and that will be the pH of the solution. 

Well, a better and more accurate way is to use a pH meter. It is also a better choice if you are growing multiple plants. pH meters are pretty easy to use and give an accurate analysis of the pH. You can easily source it from a hydroponic store. 

PPM Meter

The PPM meter is used to measure the concentration of the nutrient solution. The value is calculated in parts per million (PPM) and helps the grower understand if the solution is nutrient deficient or not. Each stage of growth requires a different value of concentration. Young seedlings need a concentration of 500-600 PPM. During the foliage period, the value increases to 800 to 900 PPM. During the flowering period, it goes up to 1200 PPM. This is a lot of nutrients but this concentration is important for the proper growth of the plant. 

24 Hour Timer

For the proper growth of the plants, you need to ensure a proper lighting cycle. Ideally, you should expose the plants to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. So, a good way to measure that is by using a timer that can allow you to keep track of the time.  Just like light is important for the growth of the plants, you should ensure the night cycle is absolutely dark. So, you should make sure you don’t enter the growing space even to check the plants in the night phase. If you want to analyze anything, do it during the day. 

Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

This is a sort of safety device that you should have in place. If you are growing your plant indoors, it’s obvious that you’ll have grow lights. So, the fact that you have a nutrient solution, having have power circuits can be a risk. In the event of an accident, there can be an unwanted flow of current. Like if a light drops on the crop, a ground fault circuit breaker can prevent any calamity. 

Magnifying Glass

At the time of harvest, you need to have a look at the trichomes to check if it’s the right time to harvest the crop. This is important because, in order to check if the plant is matured, you observe the trichomes. In most cases, the naked eye cannot distinguish between a matured and underdeveloped trichome head. So, with a magnifying glass, you can check the gland maturity, presence of molds, pests, or any other impurities. So, you can use it to keep an active check on the quality of plants. 

Well, having these tools is definitely an asset but before you get them, make sure you have a medical marijuana growers license. It gives you the legal right to grow your own plants. Plus, it also expands your grow limit to 99 plants. This gives you greater control over the growing process. So, use your right to grow and cultivate your favorite strains. If you’re new to growing, just make sure you use good quality seeds and follow all the essential tips for better results.

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