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5 Incredible Benefits of Having Medical Marijuana Card in California

adminfu 10/Oct/2019

5 Incredible Benefits of Having Medical Marijuana Card in California

California was one of the earliest states to legalize medical cannabis in the USA, with Proposition 215 passed in 1996. Two decades later, in 2016, the Adult Use Act legalized recreational marijuanaAnd now more than half of the US states have made medical marijuana legal. Many consider the drug as an authentic, progressive kind of therapy, which delivers tangible outcomes. With regards to medical marijuana card Sacramento, many patients have questions in their minds, such as if recreational marijuana is legal, why do I need to make use of the state’s MMJ program and possess a medical marijuana card. 

This might confuse patients: when they can buy marijuana from a local dispensary, legally, why should they bother to visit a doctor, get a prescription, and own a medical marijuana card Sacramento? This is logical, but the situation is more complicated.

Here are the following reasons why owning a medical marijuana card for California makes good sense:

  • Avoid Sales Tax
  • Long-Lasting Program
  • Long List of Conditions
  • Several Vendors
  • Access to Various Strains of Marijuana

 Medical Marijuana Card Sacramento

Avoid Sales Tax

The most crucial advantage of getting an MMJ is that you can save sales tax. This generous incentive was provided by the California government to reaffirm their commitment to the long-lasting program of medical marijuana and keep it running along with the recreational marijuana program. With regard to chronic pain, healthcare can prove expensive. The solution is a medical marijuana card, which is available with a rebate.

Long-Lasting Program

California has the distinction of being the first US state to legalize medical marijuana. The Golden State did this way back in 1996, and this program, for the past 23 years, has been sweeping over all teething issues, and the program runs effectively and smoothly.

As a matter of fact, California has earned the reputation of being one of the best states to make use of the MMJ program. Though the recreational cannabis program will have its issues, the MMJ program will function normally.

Long List of Conditions

The state of California has some of the most liberal stipulations to avail of the MMJ card. Though the list of qualifying criteria covers many significant illnesses like AIDS, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, and Cancer, one primary criterion is ‘chronic pain.’ Chronic pain is a common condition, and marijuana can help treat this. This condition allows doctors to prescribe MMJ for patients who are not able to identify the cause of pain. 

Several Vendors

In California, the MMJ program is very well spread such that you need not look or travel far to locate a vendor. It is easy to get a medical marijuana card Sacramento, and there are no restrictions for MMJ cards in Sacramento and the rest of California. All the same, to open a clinic where you can process MMJ card, you must pass hefty licenses and procedures. But compared to other states, it is easy to find vendors of medical marijuana in California.

Access to Various Strains of Marijuana

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, there may be a mistaken notion that you no longer need an MMJ card. However, without this card, you will have no idea how to follow the specific advice of your doctor. It is only the doctor who can evaluate what strain of marijuana is suitable to treat your condition. It is also possible that the right strain is not available with recreational marijuana. Specific strains have a particular impact on patients.

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