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5 Ways to Keep Your Marijuana Intake Healthy


adminfu 12/Dec/2020

5 Ways to Keep Your Marijuana Intake Healthy

Marijuana is undoubtedly considered a great aid against a number of medical ailments. But was it really treated the same way always? 

Well, as you perhaps know, cannabis, for a long time in the past, was deemed a hazardous drug. And the herb had to fight (in fact, it is still fighting) a hard battle to earn its medicinal status.

Now, cannabis is legal in almost two-third of the US, which is a great thing! But is the stain of the past completely washed off from the reputation of marijuana? 

Well, no! And it’s perhaps there to stay. 

Why? Because there is truth to it.

Marijuana experts say that even if it’s considered a medicine, if you are not careful enough, marijuana may take a turn to the south for your health very quickly. And thus, here are a few things you must follow to keep the herb’s intake safe and healthy.

Avoid Combustion

Do you prefer consuming cannabis via smoking? Apparently, you are not alone. In fact, despite the introduction of so many new ways of consuming the herb in the market, most people still prefer smoking.

But is it really the best way of administering the herb?

Well, to be honest, it’s not even close. Smoking, as per the experts, is perhaps the least healthy way of consuming marijuana.

But why?

I think you know the answer to this already. It’s because the method involves combustion. And when you are combusting your marijuana, you are not only consuming the cannabinoids but also the toxic gases, which is surely not a great idea if you care for your lungs.

Be More Active With Your Cannabis

Most people like to enjoy their cannabis indoors, where they could relax and calm down. And this is surely great. However, we would also suggest you take your cannabis outdoors. Now, we are not saying you go and start smoking on the street. This could get you in legal trouble even if you have an MMJ card from a certified medical cannabis clinic. Consuming cannabis openly in a public place is still not allowed. 

So what do we exactly mean by taking cannabis outdoors?

Well, all we are saying here is that you need to be active while consuming cannabis. For instance, take the herb with you for a morning walk or to a gym. Cannabis is already known to complement physical activities. Make use of it. But hey, keep it discreet.

Keep Your Edibles Sugar-Free

People who are health conscious perhaps already know the damage sugar may do to a person. It can lead to weight gain, heart diseases, and many other medical issues. Hence, you must avoid having it in your edibles, whether you are buying them from a dispensary or making them yourself at home. 

Yes, sugar can make your edibles tastier. But is it really worth compromising your health over taste? I think not. So, before you head out to get some cannabis edibles, make sure you do your research. Trust me, there are some great alternatives to sugary ones.

Don’t Overdo it

The one thing you must not do with cannabis is overconsuming it. Yes, it is proven that you cannot fatally overdose on cannabis. But it is still possible to have some very uncomfortable side effects from it. Consuming too much cannabis can have several negative effects on your mental as well as physical health. It may lead to increased heart rate, sweating, nausea, and worsened cognitive abilities. Hence, you must keep your intake in control.

Another thing you should note is that cannabis is a biphasic drug. This means it induces varying effects on the consumer depending on the size of the dose. This is important for people who use cannabis as an aid against anxiety. See, a lower dosage of marijuana for anxiety works great. However, if you overconsume it, it may worsen your symptoms. You may get a lot more paranoid. And in some cases, it may turn into hallucinations too. So, steer clear of consuming cannabis in excess.

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