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Cannabis Can Motivate You To Exercise !


adminfu 05/May/2019

Cannabis Can Motivate You To Exercise !

What’s a popular assumption that people make about cannabis smokers? “Aaah!! He must be lazy!! Just look at his sleepy eyes.”

I’m sure you get that a lot. Well, honestly, I’m against this maxim.

Cannabis has that relaxing vibe to it. Don’t you agree? You surely do! I’m not denying that being high helps me sleep better but it’s not entirely about that. I’m pretty much exploring the alternate realities and dimensions of life. Yes, cannabis makes that happen. How many are with me on this?

All of you!! Great!!

Honestly, cannabis gives that creative edge to you. If you’re not aware, the ‘Sativa’ makes that happen. In fact, a lot of hybrids hold credit for it too. It’s the heavy dose of ‘Indica’ which attracts a good sleep with it’s sedative effects.

Well, let’s get the math straight. Cannabis is all about the positives. You just need to use it the right away to make it work for you.

What About Exercising?  

Cannabis is the motivation you need. Mounting evidence speaks in our favor. A study conducted by the University of Colorado  shows that cannabis makes physical activity more enjoyable and keeps you motivated to exercise.

So, you get this?

I can already picture you pumping that iron with that wide grin on your face. Enjoyable isn’t it?

The researchers mentioned that “The study of cannabis to evaluate its medicinal benefits on health is getting mainstream. With the voice for legalization constantly rising, and continuous breeding, research is an important asset which you cannot ignore.”

The study involved surveying 600 cannabis users to analyze the link between exercising and cannabis use. It was observed that 8 out of 10 people experienced better vibe while exercising.

It was also noted that approximately 81.7% people advocated the use of cannabis with some physical activity. Also, young male users are more motivated to use this.

Another aspect which cannot be missed is that cannabis increases the intensity of workout and makes it more enjoyable. Also, post-workout recovery is quick too. So, you’ll no longer have those cramps and muscle pains.

Cannabis will keep it smooth. Lift, pump, and repeat!!

Cannabis Is The Key To Better Workouts

The study also showed that taking cannabis just before or after workout works magically in enhancing the productivity of the workout. People tend to get more involved in anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Half the people surveyed report that it made them feel motivated and they felt more geared up to exercise.

It’s a known fact that for a healthy body, exercising is very important. Sedentary lifestyle has altered the basic functioning of the body. Are you on the same page? If yes, you’ll surely skip the page to highness with cannabis.

So, what keeps you away from exercise?

As always, laziness is always charted up on top. Well, it is has been noted that most people don’t exercise because they don’t enjoy it. It’s simple. You naturally won’t do something that you don’t enjoy. The same goes for exercise.

Cannabis acts as a mediator. It attracts the positive emotions which motivate you to exercise.

If you’re still wondering how to get started. The advent of telemedicine has made access to medical cannabis easier. You just need to get yourself evaluated and a certified doctor can inform you about the multiple ways in which cannabis can enhance your health.

Aim to keep the doctor informed about everything. He is an expert and can guide you with an effective plan for guaranteed results. If you want to ditch your laziness, inform him. He will recommend the cannabis strain suited to inject some energy in you.

Strains For A Better Workout

Red Congo

This purely bred 100% sativa strain delivers a high which brings mental clarity and increases your focus. You’ll be able to pump better results with this bud as your pre-workout snack.

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Green Crack

It’s the ultimate crack to set you in motion. Packed with 16% THC, this strain will fuel the urge within you to lift those weights in gym and have a power packed session.

Grape Ape

It’s indica dominance might confuse you but this strain keeps those unwanted thoughts away. It keeps you focused and driven towards your goal. In fact, it has been noted that there are people who function better with a body high. So, this strain is ideal for that.

I’m sure by now you’re all pumped up to hit the gym. Not my fault. Cannabis has that charm. So, it’s pretty understandable. Don’t let the couch demotivate you. It will receive the attention after the workout. Meanwhile, cannabis is the trainer you need.

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