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Celebrate The Chinese New Year By Getting 420 Med Evaluations Online

adminfu 02/Feb/2019

Celebrate The Chinese New Year By Getting 420 Med Evaluations Online

China has history with cannabis dating back to 2700 B.C. Ooooh that is a long time.

Who likes studying history?

Not me!

But anyways let us just take a slight peek into the past.

Emperor Shen-Nung coined the word ‘ma’ for cannabis. The unique thing was that it had both yin and yang, feminine and masculine. As the female plant possessed the medical traits, it was used to treat the conditions related to women. With time many other emperors started knowing the importance of cannabis at a larger scale.

Cannabis was grown widely in China for more than 4 milleniums until the Chinese government banned it in 1934. Today in the 21st century China is the largest manufacturer of cannabis accessories though it is illegal in the country to possess or distribute cannabis.

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states of U.S. So you can start your Chinese New Year by getting 420 Med Evaluations online.

Happy Chinese New Year!

February 5th marks the commencement of the year of the Earth Pig. The Chinese Calendar has a party planned so let us celebrate with some smoke and vape.

The Earth Pig is supposed to represent the year of abundance, diligence and generosity. This is the last or final of the 12-year cycle of animals which are in the Chinese Zodiac related to the Chinese Calendar. The 12th year of the cycle corresponds to sexegenary year of jǐ hài.

This marks for celebration. And celebration is a synonym to what? You guessed it right. Cannabis.

You need medical recommendation to buy medical cannabis, hence get your 420 med evaluations online without much hassles and welcome this new year with the new you.

Let us look at some Chinese New Year Superstitions

  • No hair-wash: Well some guys won’t be affected because they are used to dry showers but the Chinese believe that washing hair on New Year’s Day is bad luck.
  • House Clean-up: The Chinese believe to start the new year with a cleaned up house. The sweeping and cleaning is done before the New Year’s day so that it removes bad luck.
  • No Tears: Feel like crying? Stop! No, I said No! It is considered that if you cry on the New Year’s Day you will cry the whole year. So drop one tear and get ready to cry for the whole year.
  • Firecrackers: Bursting firecrackers is their way of welcoming new year and saying goodbye to the old year.
  • Red is the Color: Fashion a splendid red attire. The Chinese believe that red brings good luck. So dress red. Vape red. Celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Cannabis Strains

Get the right strains that suit you the best is very important. Recreational marijuana doesn’t offer much choice in strains hence getting a recommendation becomes a necessity. Below are some strains that you could choose from.

420 Med Evaluations Online

  • Chocolate Kush
  • Caramelo
  • Big Bang
  • 8 Mile High
  • Ace of Spades
  • Platinum OG
  • Dream Queen
  • Black Domina

The age old medicine of China has yet again surfaced as a revolutionary new era medication. Medical Marijuana is the future of pharmaceuticals and the industry is growing rapidly. Our ancestors did understood its value dating back thousands of years, still today there are debates on its legalization. If your state has legalized medical marijuana, get your 420 med evaluations online and get quality cannabis strains.

It is a celebration. Start of a new year and end of an year well spent. Remembering the good of the year and being optimistic about the forthcoming year is what the party stands for.

In a nutshell take out your party hats, get the cannabis strains and begin the year with the biggest celebration.

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