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Effective Tips to Meditate With Cannabis


adminfu 10/Oct/2020

Effective Tips to Meditate With Cannabis

Whether you believe it or not but cannabis has often paired with yoga and meditation. Both activities work in tandem with each other to enhance the effects of meditation and yoga. After all, both cannabis and yoga can help you let go of heavy baggage and day-to-day stress. 

However, meditation is not easy. You have to practice, you have to stay disciplined, focused, and dedicated to the routine. If not, you will eventually end up complaining about the meditation sessions that did it help you at all. So, make sure that you stick to a plan and then purchase a medical cannabis card in Sacramento to avail of good-quality cannabis products. 

How to Go About It?

We advise that you go small and start slow. Especially if you are a beginner. Cannabis is not made for everyone and some individuals may not be okay with cannabis use. So. Kindly be mindful of the techniques used for cannabis consumption and do not choose a highly potent strain. Also, make sure that you do not eat cannabis on an empty stomach because you need to focus and relax while doing meditation. 

In addition to this, try to stay positive while doing yoga or meditation, Negative thoughts will ruin your entire experience, and cannabis can only work when you’re willing to be a part of something useful. A calm headspace with a super grounded nature will enable you to practice meditation mindfully. That said, let us now look into some meditation practices. 

Gazing Meditation and Cannabis 

Gazing meditation is all about focusing on one object in order to get some clarity of thought. For the same, you will be required to first choose an object. In our opinion, a candle should do just fine. Next, select a strain that helps you relax and has mild effects. This way you would not fall asleep as soon as the meditation session begins. Also, remember that cannabis will help you focus

So, when you get a medical cannabis card in Sacramento purchase strains that provide invigorating experiences. Once you get clarity about the strain and the object such as a candle, light it up and sit down to focus on the burning flame. Observe at the onset of the sessions and try to shun everything useless out of your mind. During the process of meditation do not forget to breathe slowly and keep doing the same until your mind is completely calm and body relaxed. You can also observe everything that is happening with the candle, from flickering to elongation of the flame. This technique will help you concentrate better. 

While you gaze also pay attention to the movement of your eyes. If you feel a certain pressure blink your eyes and allow the gazing process to begin again. Once you feel your mind and body are steady, close your eyes and let the image of the candle sink in. at the end of it all you will be at ease and your mind will be completely relaxed. 

Deep Breathing and Cannabis

This is another practice that will enable you to achieve tranquility. All you have to do is consume cannabis 15 minutes before the session. As soon as you begin don’t forget to sit in a comfortable position. Keep you back straight and your body loses. Next, close your eyes and breath slowly. While breathing concentrates on the movement and sound. Do this session for at least 15 minutes every day to see good results. Cannabis will help you focus, but practice will make you perfect. Also, while you breathe in and out allow your chest cavity to fill completely with air. Take a pause between the breathing movements and concentrate on the effects it has on your mind and body. 

Soon after 15 minutes, you will feel focused and relaxed. This meditation process will allow you to dive deep within the calm of your mind. So, make sure that you practice regularly. More vitally, don’t make it a habit to practice every time under the influence of cannabis. Once in awhile try to practice meditation without cannabis. Notice the difference and see what you feel.

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