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Follow These 4 Steps for Using Cannabis Topicals


adminfu 10/Oct/2020

Follow These 4 Steps for Using Cannabis Topicals

Medical cannabis has gained a lot of popularity among the people of the United States. It is now legal in 33 states plus D.C. and more states are considering legalizing medical cannabis. There are various therapeutic and medical benefits of cannabis. More and more people are now choosing medical cannabis over other pharmaceutical medications. You can now consult a medical cannabis doctor online to get your MMJ card without even leaving your home. It is a safer alternative to most pharmaceutical medications like pain killers. 

Since the legalization of cannabis, the cannabis industry is also growing. This is why we can now find various ways to use medical cannabis. And one of the very popular methods is applying cannabis topicals. Cannabis topicals include creams, salves, balms, lotions, and oils. The best part about cannabis topicals is that you have to apply them on the surface of your skin. So, people can take the benefits of THC and CBD cannabis without even ingesting it. This allows people to use cannabis without having to worry about the psychoactive effects of THC. This has made cannabis topicals a popular choice among many people looking to get relief from pain and physical discomfort.

You just have to choose the right product for yourself according to your needs. Once you have selected your product, you just have to apply it to get the results. Here are the 4 steps that you have to follow to properly apply cannabis topicals to your skin.

Step 1. Find Out The Area Where You Need to Apply Your Product

Before you can apply your product, you need to find out where you have to apply it. Confused? By this I mean, you have to understand what is causing the pain or discomfort. You need to find the exact area that is causing pain or discomfort and then apply your product to that area. It may sound obvious, but sometimes we experience discomfort in certain areas of our body because of complications in another. For example, a person can experience a headache because of the tension in their neck. 

So, you need to find the root of your discomfort and then apply the product. And if you can not find any exact area that may be causing discomfort, apply your product to the common sore area. These include shoulders, wrists, elbows, back of the heel, temples, knees, other joints, sole of your heel, and neck.

Step 2. Wash And Dry The Applicable Area

Once you have figured out where to apply your product, you need to clean that area well. We come in contact with various unseen bacteria and dirt daily. So, whether it’s your elbow, neck, or any other area, just clean it well. Applying your topical product allows it to work more effectively. 

Now, you don’t have to go and take a shower. You can simply use a moist washcloth or a paper towel to scrub the applicable area and clean it. This will help your skin get rid of any unwanted particles on it.

Step 3. Apply a Generous Amount of Topical

Now it is time to apply your cannabis topical to the applicable area to get relief. Once you have cleaned the area, take a generous amount of your product, and start applying it to the area. It is better to gently massage it into your skin. If you want relief for subdermal joint and pain symptoms, you can massage the product in a circular motion into the area. 

You can also apply your topical product for the second or third time once your skin has absorbed the first application. But do not apply too much pressure or else you can increase the discomfort you are experiencing.

Step 4. Wash Your Hands

After applying your product, do not forget to wash your hands.Cannabis topicals contain a lot of ingredients, and some even contain menthol, pepper, and citrus. These ingredients are good for your skin. But they can cause a lot of irritation if they come in contact with your eyes, nostrils, and genitals. So, just clean your hands right after applying your topical products.

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