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How to Use Those Fancy THC Strips for Medical and Fun Reasons?

adminfu 12/Dec/2019

How to Use Those Fancy THC Strips for Medical and Fun Reasons?

With the expansion of cannabis culture in the country growing faster and stronger than the expansion of the milky way, new articles are being released in the market. And the fresh addition on this list is THC strips. What are these strips, what do they do, and how to use them? We are talking about all that in this blog. But first, let’s discuss what THC is. Many medical marijuana card Sacramento holders also use it, so what is the whole fuss about?

What Is THC?

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the many compounds found in a cannabis plant. It is the THC that makes a consumer high, with its psychoactive effects. Another famous compound we get from a marijuana plant is CBD or cannabinoid. The cannabinoid is more of medicine; you must have heard or used, CBD oils, CBD pills, and waxes. THC is also used as a medicine, just not as much as cannabinoids. 

What The Heck is This THC Strip?

The first thing one needs to understand here is that these sublingual strips can be used for the intake of both Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinoid; there is no compulsion of THC only. The sublingual strips are the perfect precaution from any overdose situation. In some states of the United States, these strips have replaced the traditional ways like smoking and bongs, as a safer alternative. As the strips provide cannabis derivatives, less pomp, and more discreet, it quickly is become the favourite of medical marijuana patients, especially to the people who are not into smoking and vaping. THC strips drastically resemble its pal, nicotine strips, more of medicine. Hence it would be easier for those living in conservative families; they will not have to pop pills or hide their stash. It provides a nice and strong dose of THC or CBD in such distinguished, stylish, and small packaging, with a tight grip on overdose problems. 

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How To Get Most Out Of It?

Using the strip correctly is very important as poor usage will lead to unsatisfactory results. There are some cases were people used these strips as mouth fresheners or chewing gums, due to the mint flavor included. So, for 100% desired outcome, place the piece under the tongue rather than placing it on the upper side. The THC strip will lose its sticking to the oral mucosa ability when it is placed on the upper side of the tongue, keeping it from creating the optimal effects. These strips are dissolvable and would disappear in your mouth soon; there is no need to spit them out after using it for a few minutes. Keep your mouth shut for three to five minutes so that the stip would dissolve. Although, as it says on the pack, the average dissolving time of one strip is one minute, but it differs from person to person. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Strip?

One and the most prominent being for the secret users of cannabis is that they odorless substitutes of other products. People, who enjoy canna edibles would ask how it is better than hash brownies or canna-gummies? Answer to that question is, it does not affect the gastrointestinal system, unlike the sweeter medium of consuming cannabis, which cuts the chances of OD. The acids, digestive system, and other enzymes when you are eating marijuana edibles can make delta-9 THC in an extreme psychoactive acid, 11-hydroxy THC. The process explained is very common in first-time users of marijuana.

On the other hand, without effecting a person’s respiratory system, cannabis strips work directly into the bloodstream of a consumer. Te best part of all this is you get a high, just as good as smoking or vaping. Stirps’ faster effects and long sustaining, which is luring in a lot of medical cannabis users.

There Are Other Than THC Strips

There are various other popular strips, other than THC ones, hybrid, Sativa strains, and indica as well. Other than the THC ones, options like 1:1 CBD to THC, 2:1 of CBD to THC, for lower dose 5 mg of THC strips, and for extra strength 20 mg THC strip. So many strips have the same combination of THC and CBD as they work well together than in isolation, which is a proven fact, we call it entourage effect.

Stripping Aside 

So, this was all about the THC strips and how these can be used in the right way. If you are living in Cali’s cities like Sacramento, you will need medical marijuana card Sacramento, to buy these strips. You will get good deals on these with the cards and would get hefty discounts as well.

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