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Inhaling Medical Cannabis: Weighing the Pros and Cons


adminfu 07/Jul/2021

Inhaling Medical Cannabis: Weighing the Pros and Cons

There are many ways to administer medical cannabis. But one method that has constantly been a favorite among consumers is inhaling cannabis. You can use a vape pen or a blunt and inhale the goodness of the herb for its therapeutic benefits. But, is it right for you?

Every patient with recommendation from a cannabis doctor will consider inhaling cannabis as a method of administration. But, while it may be beneficial for some, it may not be the perfect choice for others. So, how do you make a decision? We’ll help you out.

Read along to learn about the pros and cons of inhaling medical cannabis to decide if it’s the best choice for you or not.


Quick Onset

One of the biggest pros of inhaling cannabis is the fact that it works almost instantly. A few drags will be enough to give you the desired effects in a matter of minutes.

The onset of cannabis depends on the bioavailability or the absorption rate of THC and other cannabinoids. And the bioavailability can vary from one delivery method to another. When inhaled or smoked, the bioavailability of THC is 30% as compared to 4-12 % of edibles.

The primary reason for high bioavailability of inhaled THC is the fact that it bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed by the respiratory system. Therefore, there’s a better chance of a higher amount of cannabinoids to pass the blood brain barrier in a shorter time.

Inhaling cannabis is the best form of administration for patients who need quick results. Patients suffering from anxiety and chronic pain are best suited for it.

Offers Variety

When it comes to inhaling medical cannabis, there’s more than just one way to do it. First comes a classic joint or blunt. You can use the dried buds, crush them and roll it in a paper to enjoy the experience.

Second is vaping. This process involves a heating device that turns dried buds or concentrates into vapes. You can choose between disposable vape pens, rechargeable vaporizers, pods, etc.

Third is dabbing. It uses concentrates like oil, shatter, wax, etc. and delivers a much more potent experience than joints and vapes.

There are other devices or rigs too like bongs, water pipes and more. You can always visit your nearest store to explore your options. However, remember that if you are a beginner, starting with the easiest option like vape pens and joints is more sensible.

The Experience Is Great

Inhaling cannabis generally involves a process that offers a great experience. And most smokers love inhaling cannabis because of the experience.

If you are into joints or blunts, the process of grinding the buds and rolling it gives pleasure. Same is the case with huge rigs like water pipes and bongs. Setting up the rig and inhaling the vapes feels like a science experiment. The experience makes you feel great especially after the smoke or vapor hits you.


Lingering Smell

Every pro has a con. In methods involving cannabis inhalation, one of the biggest inconveniences among the consumers is the lingering smell.

When you smoke or vape cannabis, the herb burns and heats up which amplifies the skunky smell of the herb. As the smoke spreads, the smell sticks to the nearest objects like your hair, clothes, skin, etc. And as you can assume, it will stay that way and give away the fact that you smoked or vaped cannabis. Not the best way to be discreet.

The smoke also brings in the need for proper ventilation. If you share a house with your family, you can smoke up in your room but must make sure that no one else is bothered by it. You will have to make sure that your window is open or there’s an exhaust fan that will drive out the smoke and keep it from settling in your room.

Risk of Potential Contaminants

If you are not careful about the smokables you buy, you can put your safety at risk. Make sure to buy tested buds and vape pens from registered dispensaries only.

Buds can easily be contaminated either naturally or intentionally by illegal sellers. If the buds are not of good quality, they can develop mold. Some illegal sellers also use contaminants like silica and sugar to make the buds look better.

In the case of vape pens, the risk can arise from solvents and poor quality vape juice. To steer clear from such risky situations, always check the certificate of analysis and visit a registered medical dispensary for a good experience.

Side Effects

Every medication has a list of side effects and medical cannabis is no different. The herb works differently for different people and may or may not cause side effects.

Smokers and vapers can experience mild side effects such as red eyes, dry mouth and increase in appetite. These are mild cases that can easily be solved by eye drops, a bottle of water and some healthy snacks by your side.

The more severe effects of cannabis include nausea, anxiety, headaches and fatigue. One of the most commonly reported effects of medical cannabis is impaired alertness which is one of the reasons why professionals recommend against driving under the influence of cannabis.

The severity of these side effects can also vary from person to person.

Even if you think that smoking cannabis is the best option for you, make sure to consult your cannabis doctor regarding the same. They have the experience and knowledge to give you a better idea about whether or not you should inhale cannabis.

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