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It’s a Ripe Time to Harvest Cannabis Via MMJ Card


adminfu 04/Apr/2018

It’s a Ripe Time to Harvest Cannabis Via MMJ Card

Despite that carrying and using marijuana is legal in a large number of states, cannabis remains a banned substance at the federal level. That’s why it’s always important rather beneficial to get 420 evaluations from a reputed licensed marijuana doctor. Suppose you’re traveling to a non-legal state all of a sudden. If you possess a medical marijuana card & are caught carrying marijuana, it would be handy to convince the enforcement authority that you’re a registered legal user for health purposes. Besides, MMJ cardholders must be 18 years of age. They can carry marijuana according to their health requirement and they can grow more cannabis plants in their houses.

Nov. 8, 2017, was a red letter day in the history of cannabis in California, the largest state, as the majority of the citizens voted for legalization of the herb by approving the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, popularly known as Prop. 64. As of New Year’s Day, the new law made it legal for Californians who are of 21 years and above to carry, use and grow cannabis for recreational use. Although the law only permits individuals to possess the marijuana in small amounts, it’s still a big decision to the advantage of those who enjoy smoking the weed for fun & frolic.

Why Should You Have an MMJ Card?

Medical marijuana is an emerging panacea for a wide range of critical health conditions. It’s effective for a number of conditions that we experience from time to time in our everyday life like chronic pain, stress, obesity, appetite loss, arthritis, spasms, migraine headaches, nausea, obesity, and many more.

Qualifying Conditions:

You need to have one of the following health conditions to become a medical marijuana patient in the state of California:

a) AIDS,   b) Anorexia,  c) Arthritis, d) Cachexia,  e) Cancer, f) Chronic pain, g) Epilepsy,  h) Glaucoma,  i)  Migraines, j) muscle spasms, k) Nausea,  l) sclerosis, m) Spasticity,  n) any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that substantially limits the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) or, if not alleviated, may cause serious harm to the patient’s safety or physical or mental health. A person wanting an MMJ Card must provide all of the following documents:

(1) Proof of residency within the county.

(2) Written documentation by an attending physician in the person’s medical records stating that the person has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and that the medical use of marijuana is appropriate.

(3) The name, office address, office telephone number, and California medical license number of the person’s attending physician.

(4) The name and the duties of the primary caregiver.

(5) A government-issued photo ID Card.

How Can You Grow More Marijuana Under Prop 64?

The new cannabis law differentiates between the medical marijuana users and non-medical marijuana users (aka recreational users). Prop.64 allows a few additional benefits to the medical marijuana users over recreational users.

Marijuana Under Prop 64

Recreational users of 21 and older can possess and carry up to 28.5 grams of cannabis with them. They are also allowed to possess 8 grams of “hashish” or concentrated marijuana. They are also permitted to grow up to six plants in the house.

On the other hand, adults of 18 years and above can be registered as ID card holders. They can possess the drug as per doctor’s recommendation &their actual requirement. They can grow cannabis plants in a 100-sq. feet area. The law does not prescribe limits for a maximum number of plants for the medical marijuana users. It’s up to them to plan how to grow the maximum number of plants in 100 sq. feet.

To grow cannabis for medical use, you need a grower’s license. State authorities issue these licenses on the recommendations of a duly licensed medical marijuana doctor. In Sacramento, Medical Marijuana Card is a reputed point where you can get 420 evaluations and growers’ license recommendations online.

Regardless of whether they are medical marijuana users or recreational, they can possess or grow marijuana for personal use only. The new law provides for the sale of marijuana by those businesses that are licensed for this purpose by the state dept. Individuals and non-marijuana businesses are not permitted to sell the substance.

You Can Now Enjoy the Convenience of Online Medical:

Enjoy the Convenience of Online Medical

Marijuana Clinics:

The new law does not differentiate between online medical marijuana doctors and physical clinics. As before, patients can also consult medical marijuana doctors online. They can obtain medical marijuana recommendations from the doctors who are licensed by the state health dept. Patients can chat with them and get 420 evaluations from the marijuana specialists. Considering patients’ health conditions, reaching the doctor online is always more convenient. This avoids lot of hassles and saves their time as well.

How Can You Meet Your Emergency ID Card Needs?

There could be circumstances when you might need a marijuana card urgently. If you fulfill all the conditions and qualify, you can apply for it under the urgent requirement category too. You will be asked to pay a little more for an urgent need card and you will get an electronic copy of your temporary card within 24 hours. This temporary card expires after 30 days of the issuing date.

Furnish True Information – Avoid Denial!

While applying for a cannabis ID card, it is important that you always provide a true information because of the reason that the state health dept. can deny you the card, if they find that any of the information that you have furnished was false. The denial bars you from applying a fresh card for next 6 months.

Even if you smoke marijuana for fun, it’s always beneficial to grow the medical cannabis at home under a grower’s license. While enjoying marijuana recreationally, you can improve your health as well. You can grow the strains recommended by a physician &you like most. Above all, when health is the concern, you can grow 100% pure organic crop.

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