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Medical Marijuana Doctors Recommend Cannabis Toothpaste For Combating Plague And Pain

adminfu 06/Jun/2019

Medical Marijuana Doctors Recommend Cannabis Toothpaste For Combating Plague And Pain

Who dreams of sparkling white teeth? I’m sure you all do. What if I tell you that cannabis is all you need? Surprised? Well, medical marijuana doctors feel the same.

Belgian Dentist Introduces A Cannabis Infused Toothpaste

Well, you might sound surprised but it’s true. Victoria Stahl, a dentist based in Belgium, has presented her support to the use of cannabis in toothpastes. In fact, she plans to launch a cannabis infused toothpaste soon. It goes by the name Cannabite Lifelong and is designed to provide you with the dental care you need.

Most dental problems are associated with the pain and appearance of the teeth. Also, dental surgeries and toothaches can be a source of constant discomfort. In fact, severe pain can even induce other problems

In a recent interview, Dr Stahl mentions that their techniques are aimed at incorporating the latest research to use the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant to heal the inflammation and pain in the tooth. We are basically banking on the mechanism of endocannabinoid system for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

She further mentions that the toothpaste will be free of THC and will only employ the use of CBD and hemp based products. THC is psychoactive and produces the characteristic high.

Many people cannot digest the intoxication it offers. Therefore, CBD is an ideal choice. Cannabidiol produces the relaxing effects without the characteristic high.

Medical marijuana doctors advocate the cannabis toothpaste in the US

Medical Marijuana Doctors Advocate The Cannabis Toothpaste In The US

In America, Axim Biotechnologies is currently testing the use of hemp oil-based chewing gums. They contain CBG and CBD—the vital compounds with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

In fact, Axim is launching its own toothpaste for fighting the inflammation of the gums. Such an introduction can revolutionize dental care. Most available treatments come with the pain and discomfort. This typically makes cannabis more favorable to use.

The use of cannabis is not just limited to toothpastes. Leading dentists now recommend using a dose of cannabis before a dental appointment. Ideally, you can take a CBD infused product before visiting your dentist. This can reduce the inflammation arising during the process.

Also, most patients suffer anxiety issues before their appointment. Cannabidiol has the relaxing properties which makes it very usable in combating the anxiety. It can relax you and keep you in a stable mental state while you’re being treated.

Is It The Future Of Dental Care?

Medical marijuana has injected a fresh vibe in medical space. Even though it is not registered as a medicine by the FDA, it is still being legalized in multiple states. The legalization drive is expected to drive more attention and bring a much-needed change.

Dental care has always been about traditional medications and treatment. Now, cannabis has offered a much safer alternative. And, the best thing—it’s effective. Pain is the most common concern of dental patients. People tend to ignore their dental appointments because of the pain involved in the process. It’s unbearable indeed.

Luckily, cannabis has emerged as a brilliant mode of treatment. CBD is close to establishing a benchmark in pain-relief. Ideally, medical marijuana doctors can guide you effectively in using the cannabis infused toothpaste for your teeth. Dental care has witnessed a change it earnestly deserved. All thanks to cannabis!

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