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Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Sacramento can Guide you on using Cannabis During Chemotherapy!


adminfu 07/Jul/2019

Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Sacramento can Guide you on using Cannabis During Chemotherapy!

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases affecting mankind. Thankfully, cannabis offers the much-needed relief. If you’re not sure about it, medical marijuana evaluations in Sacramento can provide you with the necessary insight.

There is substantial evidence which shows that cannabis is ideal for battling the symptoms of cancer which includes nausea, loss of appetite, and pain.

Obviously, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits but reluctance contributes to confusion. Also, a lot of patients self-dose cannabis without professional help.

Every strain is different. So, if you want to use cannabis effectively, you need to have a knowledgeable guiding force behind you. Cannabis is legal in California and you can take medical help of a certified cannabis doctor.

Some Facts

A 2018 survey points to the fact that 1 in 8 patients self-dose cannabis for cancer. Also, only 15% of people feel that cannabis does not interfere with other cancer medications.

Well, Dr. Joseph Rosado, a physician, feels that such a misconception can be dangerous. He mentions that cannabis interactions with all the medicines processed through the liver.

Interaction of Cannabis with Chemotherapy Drugs

When cannabis is taken orally, the active compounds THC and CBD interact with other medicines. These are processed by an enzyme called cytochrome P450(CYP). This interaction can induce a fluctuation in the level of other drugs.

The CYP enzyme metabolizes almost 60% of the available medications today. This includes chemotherapy drugs, antifungal medications, and heart medications.

If you’re not aware, chemotherapy medications are cytotoxic. This essentially means that they are unsafe for all living cells. Chemotherapy kills all harmful cells while minimizing the elimination of healthy cells.

People who use cannabis in combination with chemotherapy are at the risk of amassing toxic chemicals in the bloodstream. This happens due to the mechanism of CYP in the body.

How to use Cannabis in Combination with Chemotherapy Drugs?

Dr. Rosado feels that cannabis can definitely be used in combination with chemotherapy drugs. The way cannabis affects you depends largely on the mode of ingestion.

If you take it in the form of edible, it is likely to interact with the CYP enzyme. But, you can prevent this by changing the mode of ingestion. Ideally, if you switch to smoking or inhaling, you can bypass this effect.

Dr. Rosado mentions that when you inhale cannabis, it’s entirely absorbed in the bloodstream through the lungs.  Also, it offers an advantage because the process is quick and more effective than any other form of intake.

Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Sacramento can Help

If you’re unsure about using cannabis for your health, it’s better to take professional help. 420 evaluations provide an ideal way to interact with the cannabis specialist who can educate you about the ways cannabis can reduce the symptoms of cancer.

If you’re new to inhalation, the doctor can guide you on doing the same. With his help, you can be well aware of the possible effects of cannabis on your body.

So, with the right approach, cannabis can definitely combine with chemotherapy drugs to provide much-needed relaxation. If you’re not sure about it, medical marijuana marijuana evaluations in Sacramento can give you the kickstart you need. It’s safe to say that cannabis has offered a new ray of hope in fighting diseases like cancer.

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