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5 Easy and Simple Techniques To Protect Your First Cannabis Growers License


adminfu 04/Apr/2021

5 Easy and Simple Techniques To Protect Your First Cannabis Growers License

The landscape of marijuana law is strict and flexible at the same time. Recently, New York and New Mexico changed laws about governing the use of marijuana. Now you can purchase cannabis in a variety of forms ranging from vaping and edible. There is a cool new Wheat Ale that surely is offering a fresh taste to canna-philes. That said, the new cannabusiness attracted thousands if not millions of business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to move into this sector.

In case you’re looking to cultivate plants for yourself, then you’d first need to apply for a cannabis growers license. Here is a shortcut to understanding laws in California, especially for home growers.

Before You Get Your First Cannabis Grower License

    • You can only grow 6 plants/household for recreational use (irrespective of the number of adults inmates)
    • Medical marijuana license holder can grow up to 99 plants (the overall growing area must not exceed 100 square feet of canopy)
    • You cannot put your medical marijuana on display or anywhere in the public view
    • Always check local policies before growing cannabis (the laws can be different in your state)

Techniques To Protect Your Cannabis Growers License

Don’t Sell Without Having A License

California is one of the firsts to support the marijuana movement. Proposition 215, aka the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, made medical marijuana legal. Under Proposition 64, which passed almost a decade later; they made the Adult aka recreational use legal. Today, you can grow cannabis, but doing it with a cannabis growers license. They could be charged with a fine, in the worst case, jail time. To grow your cannabis, first get a state-approved license and you are then you are ready.

You Can Carry Only Some Amount

Adults aged 21+ can possess, use, sell and grow cannabis. However, you might notice that only a small quantity is allowed, not for cargo containers. In case you want to make purchases, the best way is to apply for a medical marijuana card and then you can go to any licensed dispensaries. This will give you access to strains, CBD edibles, oils and arrays of tinctures. Otherwise, you can go with recreational strains. That said, ensure not to carry more than an ounce or eight grams of concentrate (recreational users). For medical users, you can keep like eight-ounce. Plus, do not carry your stash in federally controlled land.

Planning To Grow More?

When you want to grow plants, ensure to apply for a cannabis growers license and a doctor’s recommendation. While you can easily buy seeds over-the-counter from most dispensaries, there are seed banks that would give you access to more choices. Otherwise, buy seed from local or international vendors available over the internet. But, there is a catch, depending on the state you are in, the rules might make you purchase ‘illegal’.

Keep It ‘Invisible’ From Public View

It’s highly recommended to learn things you need to keep in mind while growing weed outdoors. Cannabis is an easy plant to grow, it can adapt to almost any climate all over the world. From arid mountains to cool regions, over time these plants have built a defence system to keep their flower safe. But it’s still susceptible to extreme weather. So, as best practice grow your plants indoors. This way you can control climate and yield a quality product. It will also help you keep plants away from the neighbour site.

Never ‘Sell’ To A Minor

Giving marijuana to a minor, or using minors to transport, carry or distribute is a punishable offence. You might have to spend a couple of years in prison and pay a fine as well. Selling for a purpose means you exchange marijuana for money, service, or any other kind. Under California’s Health and Safety Code Law 11361-a individual charged with a felony could be sentenced to serve up to seven years in prison.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Smoke Up And Drive

We all know that driving under influence of alcohol is an offence. Many people don’t know it’s still a punishable act to use marijuana and drive. THC – a psychoactive compound present in marijuana could impair your ability to make spontaneous decisions. Other effects include mood change, altered sense of time, and reduced motor skills. In case you get pulled over, there are ways for authorities to test you. For a start, evidence could be smell, behaviour, dilated pupils, rapid breathing and redness in the eyes. So, it’s best to avoid driving under the influence of marijuana. Else, you might be fined or sentenced to serve jail time (depending on the offence).


Now you know how to keep your cannabis growers license safe for a longer time. There aren’t a lot of regulations around marijuana possession, use, sale and cultivation in California. Yet, you might want to stay clear from making mistakes.


Q1. Can I apply for a commercial cannabis license?

Yes, there are three cannabis licensing authorities that are currently accepting an application for commercial cannabis activity. It is recommended that interested parties should go to the local government first and understand the rules and requirements.

Q2. What type of license do I need?

The type of license varies from one to another. Depending on the business you can go for cultivation, manufacturing, testing, retail, distribution and your micro-business.

Q3. What is the best way to stay informed and up-to-date on cannabis regulations?

There are in total three licensing authorities which provide up-to-date information on regulations and licensing. There is also a state-level categorization which can be easily found on the website.

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