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How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Grower’s License In Sacramento

As a California resident, you can grow personal cannabis at home. However, as a medical marijuana patient, if you wish to grow more than the set growing limit, you must apply for a medical marijuana growers license. This license is your ticket to growing and possessing potent, high-quality, organic cannabis that would otherwise be hard to find and very expensive to purchase. To receive a medical marijuana growers license, you must first apply for a recommendation letter.



The first step is to simply visit our telemedicine platform and register yourself on the platform. You’ll be asked to fill up a form with your personal and medical details. These will help our MMJ doctors evaluate your application.


Complete Your Consultation

You will then have a consultation with one of our MMJ doctors who will determine if you qualify for the recommendation and the license. This depends on your medical condition and the dosage you would require to manage your symptoms.


Receive Your Grower’s License

Once approved by our doctor, you’ll receive your MMJ recommendation. If the doctor believes that growing cannabis at home will be more suitable for your condition, you’ll receive your medical marijuana growers license within the same email.

Growing 99 Plants With Your Cannabis Growers License In Sacramento

A medical marijuana grower’s license allows Sacramento citizens to grow as many cannabis plants as they require to treat their medical conditions. The license is not a separate document or certification, but a part of the physician’s recommendation letter. It simply states that a patient requires more marijuana doses than the legal growing limit of 6 mature and 12 immature plants.

So, what about growing 99 marijuana plants?

Here is what that means.

Patients can grow as many marijuana plants as they require, with the upper limit set at 99 plants. The recommending physician decides just how much cannabis the patient would require, and growing more than that limit can still put patients in trouble.

Since it’s almost impossible for a patient to actually require 99 marijuana plants to manage their condition, the license does not protect growers who go beyond the required quantities.

Things to remember:

  • A medical marijuana growers license in Sacramento is not applicable for commercial growing. A patient or caregiver can only grow the medical marijuana as per the requirement of the cardholder.
  • Patients or their caregivers cannot distribute the cannabis grown to other consumers, even if they are medical marijuana cardholders.
  • Multiple patients or caregivers cannot pool their resources to grow up to 99 cannabis plants.

Medical Marijuana Possession and Cultivation Limits in Sacramento

The health and safety code that addresses possession and cultivation is 11362.22 and it states that;

  • (a) A qualified patient or primary caregiver may possess no more than eight ounces of dried cannabis per qualified patient. In addition, a qualified patient or primary caregiver may also maintain no more than six mature or 12 immature cannabis plants per qualified patient.
  • (b) If a qualified patient or primary caregiver has a physician’s recommendation that this quantity does not meet the qualified patient’s medical needs, the qualified patient or primary caregiver may possess an amount of cannabis consistent with the patient’s needs.”

Remember that you can only grow as much as you need for your personal use, anything more than that can get you in trouble with the authorities.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Medical Marijuana Grower’s License in Sacramento?

A grower’s license can go a long way in helping you gain access to a variety of benefits that will make your journey with this medicinal herb a lot easier.



A grower’s license allows you to grow your own doses without accessing expensive cannabis from local dispensaries.


Increased Growing Limit

With a medical marijuana grower’s license, you get to increase your growing limit and grow up to 99 plants at your home.



When you grow your own cannabis, you’ll always have your medication on hand. No more worrying about visiting dispensaries for restocking.


Quality Control

When you grow your own cannabis plants, you have complete control of the type, product, and quality of the plant you are growing.


Easy Experimentation

You get to grow any strain and make the modifications you desire to achieve the effects you need to manage your condition.


Legal Security

As long as you follow the state laws closely, you can grow cannabis at home with a medical marijuana grower’s license without fear of legal repercussions.


Qualifying Conditions For a Medical Marijuana Grower’s License in Sacramento

The qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana grower’s license in Sacramento are the same as those followed all over California. For starters, you need to have a medical marijuana card from a qualified 420 doctor. To obtain an MMj card you need to be over the age of 18. Another prerequisite for a medical marijuana card is that you need to be suffering from one of the conditions as per California’s medical marijuana program.

For a medical marijuana grower’s license, you need to have a separate consultation with a 420 doctor where they will determine that the state-decided growing limit is not enough for you. Once your consultation is successful, you will receive your medical marijuana grower’s license.

Why Do You Need A Cannabis Growers License In Sacramento

As a medical patient, the growing limit of 6 mature and 12 immature plants may not be enough to manage your medical symptoms. This is where a medical marijuana grower’s license can help you out. With a cannabis growers license, you are allowed to grow as much cannabis as you require to manage your condition.

Cultivation is a privilege that not many states provide, so it is advised that you use it whenever you have the opportunity. Thankfully, the laws in Sacramento are designed in a manner that helps you grow your marijuana with a medical marijuana grower’s license.

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Why Should You Get A Cannabis Growers License in Sacramento?

There are various benefits of getting a cannabis grower’s license in Sacramento. Though I will start with the one that has the maximum impact on a medical user. As a medical marijuana user who relies on cannabis as a source of treatment, you want a constant and consistent supply of the herb. This can mean constant trips to the dispensary which in turn leads to heavy expenditure. But if you grow your own medical marijuana, you can save a lot. In cannabis cultivation, one of the only things that are expensive are the start-up costs, the rest significantly drops as time passes.

Other advantages include having complete control of the growing process from planting to harvesting. You will know what goes into the plant and you can ensure that there are no harmful pesticides involved in the growing process.

At a dispensary, an ounce of cannabis can cost anywhere from $100-$400. Some dispensaries tax up to 40%. But when you grow it yourself the average cost is about $60, from start to finish. As a medical user, you will need any kind of help you can get. Marijuana is still not covered under any insurance plan.


You should get a medical marijuana grower’s license in Sacramento so that you can grow as much medical marijuana as you require to manage your condition. Generally, the growing limit is set at 6 mature and 12 immature plants, which might not be enough to manage your condition.

To qualify for a medical marijuana grower’s license in Sacramento, you first need to qualify for a medical marijuana card. This will state that you are a medical marijuana user and that you need to grow more than the state assigned growing limit to be able to effectively manage your condition.

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